Pastor Pre-Conference Workshop
Feb 4 | 2:30-5pm


With Jared Wilson

How do you define "the win" in

pastoral ministry? Attendance?

Baptisms? Finances? Join us for 

this interactive workshop on the

heart of pastoral ministry, featuring 

Jared Wilson, Director of Content

Strategy at Midwestern Seminary and author of a number of books including "The Prodigal Church" & "The Pastor's Justification". In our time together, we will discover the characteristics of a consumer-driven church and how to shift to a more explicitly biblical approach that is Gospel-focused, grace-based, & fruit-oriented. When you register for the conference, enter the promo code pastor414 for a 10% discount. This is also a great opportunity to meet fellow pastors in the Central Georgia area and, of course, there will be plenty of book giveaways as well. We hope you'll make plans to join us!

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